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It's Time to Learn What You Should Do

***VERY IMPORTANT: This page it’s actually under development!***

Boom! Congratulation we need to celebrate!

Starting a new business is one the best moment in a life time for a challenging person like you.

The sensation of freedom, liberty, fear, happiness and power at the same time growing inside you.

There are so many things involved. Emotional and practical things to do.

If you are reading this page right now, it means that you are opening (or planning) a new business.

It doesn’t matter if you have the idea or you started already to work on your business.
The amazing thing is that you are starting a new adventure!

Whether it’s an online or offline business, you will realize soon how important is to stand up and build your presence online in order to receive the first customers, first profits and first results.

Build your personal Brand and start to move into this enormous jungle called Digital Marketing.

You may heard something like: You need to have a Website, You need to have a Logo, be on Instagram, be on Facebook, make videos on YouTube, do Paid Ads, be in the 1° position on Google, you need to… blah blah blah and other thousand of things.

The possibility are so much and I know that you may be confused.

Maybe you are asking yourself questions like: What should I do? Hire a designer? A web designer? A Social Media Manager? An Ads Specialist? A Funnel Specialist? What’s the best “digital stuff” for my business?

There are already so many agencies out there selling standard packages that they think can works for every kind of business, service or market.

Let me tell you the truth, every business is special and requires its own analysis and its own custom strategy in order to perform at the best.

Business owners nowadays should understand that the 80% of the success of their business depends mainly from Digital Marketing.

In a world where everything is evolving so fast, changing constantly and where every person got access to internet with their phones, is essential to be online with our own business and of course be better than competitors.

There are more than 2.1 billion (yes billion) of users on Facebook, 1.4 Billion on Instagram.
And the 90% of the research online are made with Google.

It means that every single person before to do something: like buy a product, order food, decide where go to eat, search for a service like plumbing or others, organize a trip, organize an a fun activity to do, so pretty much everything, before to do that, what do they do?

Its obliusvy, they do the exactly same thing that you do.

They take their phone and start searching information on Google, watching videos on YouTube, checking Instagram and Facebook Profiles, read content, find reviews and many more before to take a decision.

So, if your business don’t have a strong presence online that can compite an get read out of the market, yes, your life will NOT be easy! The secret is to be there in their face when people search something related to your business.

And yes my friend, with Digital Marketing is possible.

We can show your business every time a potential customer perform a search of what you offer on Google. Be in front of their face constantly on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

It’s ever happen to you when you searched for a product or a service, that after you kept seeing this on all the web, it’s look like it’s everywhere and sameone know exactly what you like and what you do?

Yes I know, it’s happening to all of us. This magic is called Retargeting and it’s just one of all the thousand strategy and tecniques that we can implement into your custom strategy.

So, maybe you are asking. Ok, how can I have a strong presence online for my business?

We are here to suggest you at the best on how to start your business online (The Digital Marketing Way!).

Starting a new successful business nowadays we can sum it up like this:

1. Build Your Brand (Logo, Slogan, Value Proposition, Market Position)

2. Build Your Website (1 Page Website, E-Commerce…)

3. Share Value with Your Audience (Share ton of valuable content with your Audience on Social Media)

4. Convert Your Audience into Customers

5. Continue to provide them Value Content to raise their LTV Life Time Value.

There are so many things that we can do for you: Web Design & Development, Social Media, Paid Ads, Content Creation, Brand Identity Design, SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Funnels, Chatbots and more.

The difference between a normal Digital Agency and a Growth Hacking Marketing Agency like our one is very simple.

Instead of saying you: you need a Logo, a Website and do Social Media Marketing and a few other stuff, we go much more into deep.

We analyze your plans, measure your goals and based on that, we chose and suggest which are the best source of traffic and steps to do to achieve your desired results.

After the analysis, we could understand that for your business, you may just need a Website and Google Ads for example. Or just a One Page Website (Landing Page) and Facebook Ads.

By the way, the first thing you need is a professional Logo, we can study together what’s the best Logo that your business needs and deserves in based on your personal taste, of course!

If you already have that, cool!

(Also but not mandatory, you will need Business Cards, Letterhead, and all the paper material that you need to build your Brand Identity)

After this, for sure you need a Website, a custom one that only fit the needs of your business.

Imagine your website like the house where you welcome all your potential customers.

Where you take care and treat them like kings and queens.

Is basically the place where we show them the best of us and all the benefits that they will get by choosing to work with us.

It’s also the place to transform them from the traffic that we don’t own into traffic that we own.

More precisely we can do Lead Generation + Email Marketing by acquiring their email addresses.

So, every time we want we can communicate with them, give them a lot of Valuable information, and accompany them into a funnel/path to transform them from potential customers into customers.

Once your Website is built, we need to bring traffic into it, that is people, potential customers in target with your service, products or whatever is it.

Here is the best part! We need to see which is/are the best source of traffic for you.

Google, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, they could be also all of them.

We need to start to create a ton of content, videos, posts, blog posts to publish into your Socials Media Profiles. Sponsor them and diverting all the people in target into your New Website or Landing Page.

Educating, nurturing them with your product, sending them information.

That’s the full Visual Process called Funnel.

We a part of Acquisition from Social Media