Skydive Aruba in the Caribbean: Jump Into Paradise with More Than 100+ Bookings Every Month

Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and Skydive Aruba is the most important dropzone in this tropical paradise.

Rick and Lisa Hornsby are also the owners of Skydive Spaceland Florida, Florida’s largest skydiving ensemble.

The Beginning and the Problems to be Solved

In addition to having a non-functional website without a well-defined message, the customer journey of their users was unclear.

They were already receiving a lot of traffic but once the users were landed on the website, it was really hard for them to book.

To book they had to send an email and wait for a confirmation email.

Rick and Lisa were always sending (always copying and pasting the same email) a block of information written previously and the average to book took from 5-10 exchanges of emails.

Scaling with this system was next to impossible.

Reaching the milestone of 100 monthly bookings was impossible in this way.

What we have done

After analysing the customer journey and identifying the buyer personas, we kept what was good, namely the management of social media.

The Facebook page had an excellent engagement, several shares, and a very high demand from users.

We, therefore, decided to intervene immediately in the creation of a new website.

We all know that showcase websites are useless and hardly bring customers.

To be functional, a website must contain all those elements that allow the user who browses it to convert, make a purchase, or a specific action.

These elements are UVP, USP, Social Proof, a well-defined Mission, Urgency, and Scarcity when needed, the services clearly explained making it clear to the users what benefits they will get and several other fundamental elements.

It is important to insert as many elements as possible in the above the fold (the visible part of the page without scrolling).

In this case, a background video that immediately make you feel to live the experience of a jump from 4200 meters into the Caribbean Sea.

And a clear and direct UVP (Unique Value Proposition) “Jump into Paradise”.

By dividing the Customer Journey into two parts, we have users who are ready to book and users who are still undecided and need more information.

The first target needs to find a clear CTA (Call to Action) to be able to book right away.

For the second target, we have included the FAQ to clarify every single doubt.

Continuing on the Home page, we find the videos of recent jumps, these are our testimonials, concrete proof that the experience is wonderful.

Optimizations and AB Tests

Once the website was defined, we started testing it through AB tests with the traffic already present.

We then created and compared multiple sections and pages of the website, splitting the traffic to 50%, in this way we were able to optimize the CR (Conversion rate) of it.

We also installed the Heatmaps, maps that allow us to understand the most clicked and interesting parts of the site for the user.

We then installed the video monitoring tools, this allowed us to capture video recordings of users’ sessions.

After an in-depth analysis, we understood the parts of the website that needed to be optimized and so we did.

We have moved the CTAs to the most visible points for the user and added several improvements at the UX level.

Within 2 weeks, our Conversion Rate increased further.

Basically, with the same amount of traffic, we were able to increase bookings.

Increase the AOV (Average Order Value)

But we didn’t stop there, to increase the AOV (Average Order Value), we added the possibility of giving a Voucher to a friend.

Since we added this option, several users have started adding Vouchers to their orders.

A very difficult KPI (metric) to increase for this type of business is the LTV (Lifetime Value), which is the value in monetary terms that a user brings to the business during its life cycle.

This is for the simple reason that being in Aruba, an island in the Caribbean, a place where people generally go on vacation, it is very difficult for a customer to purchase more than one jump.

By adding the Voucher, it was amazing to see how many customers after making their first jump, they then bought a voucher for friends and family who were going to vacation in Aruba in the following months.

After we optimized the website with a dynamic booking system, we then moved on to the social networks improvement phase.

We did an analysis of the posts that generated more engagements and defined an editorial plan based on this.

The Final Results

Within 1 month, after defining this plan and finished building the website, we managed to reach the 100 monthly bookings and we even surpassed them.

All without paid advertisement.

This makes us understand how important it is to exploit the traffic we already have.

Paid advertising is a fundamental element that only works when we are sure that the foundations of a business are solid.

Spending tens of thousands £/€/$ on advertisement and bringing this traffic to a poorly optimized website will only waste your budget.

Now we are sure that in the case Rick and Lisa will give us the go-ahead to push also on socials, at the base of all the solid structure we have created, the Ads can only increase bookings.

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