SiteGround Review, simply the Best Hosting for Your Website

For years we have been testing many different hosting providers to deliver always the best quality possible to our “customers” in terms of speed and quality of the service.

The word “customers” in bracket because we hate the word “customers”, is too cold to create a strong relationship.

All our “customers” are people or group of people who we share goals and results together in order to take their dreams and their ambitions into reality.
Instead of “customers”, we are calling them partners.

Sorry for the off topic, but we really care about this!

Let’s come back to the hosting.

Here the best important thing to know!

Nowadays if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 90% of people will leave it.

Yes, 9 people of 10 will leave your website because of that!

So the choice of a very good hosting with the best performance is essential for the success of your project.

We tested a lot of solutions in the market: GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Dreamhost, 123reg, Wix Hosting, Weebly, self-hosting, and many others.

I still remember with some hosting we tried when we were optimizing everything on a website/project to make it faster, but in the end, the speed problem was always just because of the hosting!

Many people and partners asking us, which is the best hosting I can choose for my project?

And here I am, therefore, to explain to you what we have learned in recent years trying many different solutions and why now we are using SiteGround for all our projects and our partners’s projects!

The importance of Fast, High-Performance Hosting

First imagine the hosting as the foundations of your website, like a big skyscraper.

They must bear the full weight of the whole project.

If these foundations are not very solid, all the hard work done above makes everything else collapse.

Having a fast and efficient hosting will not only make you have an indestructible foundation, but also many other benefits that will make the above much more powerful.

It will help you position yourself and your business better on search engines, thus increasing your organic traffic.

It will make your site very fast so as to accommodate large numbers of people/traffic, making them stay. Do you remember the 3 seconds? 🙂

In the market, there are many valid hosting providers and others that are not.

But in the end, what we think offers the best performance in a quality-price perspective is without a doubt SiteGround.

Overview of SiteGround

Hosting SiteGround Domains - Linkinet
Hosting SiteGround Domains – Linkinet

is certainly one of the largest web hosting providers in the world.

It was founded in 2004 by a group of university friends and since then its growth has been unstoppable.

In 2007 it already has over 50,000 domains on their servers and then more than 2 million in 2019, with a team of over 500 people working from all over the world.

In these 15 years of activity, the SiteGround boys have offered a growing number of services, such as the introduction of more than 10 technologies that revolutionized the entire hosting’s market, account isolation in Chroot, a secure and customized kernel, monitoring proactive server and multiple PHP versions for the same account.

Finally, they launched WordPress Starter and WordPress Migrator in order to facilitate the creation and transfer of WordPress sites on SiteGround.

Not only do they have very fast servers, but they also invented a way to improve and make WordPress sites faster through their servers!

We use WordPress on all our partner’s projects and our projects.

For this reason, the perfect union of WordPress and SiteGround is the best in the market!

The Main Services and Features of SiteGround

What makes SiteGround the best web hosting service in the world?

Read on to find out what this hosting will offer.

You’ll be amazed!

Free Transfer of Your Website or easy Setup of a New One

Free Transfer + Creation of a New Website - Linkinet
Free Transfer + Creation of a New Website – Linkinet

If you want to create your first website and don’t know where to start, SiteGround offers you free use of one of the two major site builders in the world: WordPress and Weebly.

If you already have a WordPress site and you want to transfer it to SiteGround, the migration is really simple and intuitive, especially after SiteGround has implemented WordPress Migrator, which guides you step by step throughout the transfer.

Or even better…


Opening a new account with them gives you your first transfer done by them completely free!

During the checkout procedure, it will be possible to request this service in a very simple way and as I have already said for free!

They will transfer all the content of your website, all the emails with the related data and if you have it, all the content of your cPanel.

They do everything and you won’t even notice that you’ve changed your hosting, except for the incredible speed you will have on your website!

Super Fast Websites

Super Fast Hosting SiteGround - Linkinet
Super Fast Hosting SiteGround – Linkinet

A slow site is equivalent to a site that will never succeed.
Do you remember the 3 seconds?

Furthermore, Google itself has announced that one of the parameters that it takes into consideration to position a website in its SERP is precisely the loading time.

This means that if you want to make both your users and Google happy, it’s really essential that your website is really fast and responsive.

And that’s here where SiteGround it’s so powerful.

Thanks to the use of the best data centers and cutting-edge technology such as the latest generation SSDs, SiteGround allows you to keep the performance of your website always at the top.

Better positioning, more traffic, means even more customers!

Great Attention to Security to Protect Your Website and Data

The topic of safety has always been a topic to which the SiteGround team has always dedicated a lot of space and a lot of energy.

For this, they have developed a technology that allows safeguarding websites hosted by millions of cyber threats and attacks every day.

And if you think that the number of hacked websites is growing dramatically in recent years, this is definitely something to be reckoned with.

Free SSL Certificate HTTPS with Let's Encrypt

SSL Certificate SiteGround - Linkinet
SSL Certificate SiteGround – Linkinet

Do you know the green padlock at the top of the browser in the URL address bar when you visit a website?

This means that the site you are visiting is secure and protects the data of its users.

In a nutshell, all the data it receives and sends is securely encrypted.

Other sites instead without this, are reported as unsafe sites who we need to be careful. Browsers advise users to pay attention to this and to don’t share their details with it.

Let’s say not the best way to welcome a new user to your site!

The sites with the green padlock are secure and have an SSL certificate with HTTPS (Secure) connection.

Many hosting providers sell their certificates for over £100 a year.

SiteGround provides Let’s Encrypt.
An SSL certificate with the same performance of the others, very secure, and for free!

Website and Domain Management

cPanel SiteGround - Linkinet
cPanel SiteGround – Linkinet

All services and tools from SiteGround can be easily managed from the customer area through the cPanel.

Here you will be able to install applications, access your mailbox, upload files to the server, manage DNS and much more.

All with a simple click.

Domain management is also very easy.

From the customer area, you can also buy new domains by choosing from over 50 extensions, such as, .uk, or .com, and start your new online project in a few moments.

Unlimited Email Addresses with cPanel

Always using the SiteGround cPanel, you have the possibility to create all the email addresses you need for your new project and they will have the extension of your domain, i.e. “”.

They are very professional and essential for your business.

All addresses are free and you can create as many as you want in order to divide the correspondence by subject area or by employee.

To manage incoming or outgoing mail you then have two solutions: from a browser, always through the cPanel, or you can move mail to an e-mail tool, such as Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird and so on.

They can also be simply set on your smartphone, so can read and answer your emails from everywhere.

Daily Backup

Daily Backup SiteGround - Linkinet
Daily Backup SiteGround – Linkinet

Another essential feature of SiteGround that can protect your entire work and projects is daily backups.

It’s very important to constantly backup your data because it can happen at any time that you could have problem or install something that can messy up your website.

If you never had problems with data backup, let me tell you, you are a very lucky!

Unfortunately, it has happened to us and trust me, one time in life could happen even to you!

I assure you that it is really frustrating to see the work of days, sometimes months, go off due to a mistake or a hacker attack.

SiteGround has also thought of this and offers automatic daily backups in a totally free way.

If something goes wrong, you can completely restore your website with a click or if you need any help with it, you ask for assistance and the Support Team will do it for you in an instant.

For your peace of mind this is a must on your hosting plan!

Staging (Very Cool!)

Staging SiteGround - Linkinet
Staging SiteGround – Linkinet

One of the features of SiteGround that is amazing and that other hosting providers don’t offer is the Staging tool.

Staging is a truly incredible service if you have a website.

In fact, all the time you are updating your website or you may need to do some or substantial changes to the layout or structure of the site you are working on the main version of your website, which is not the best way to update it.

If you make changes online, however, you risk that your website users see your experiments live in real time and if something doesn’t work as intended, visitors will find themselves in front of a website that doesn’t work or that looks a lot like a test version.

It would be a little disappointing and not professional and the users may leave the website because of that.

Also, if you are using WordPress and you need to do an update, install a new version of a plugin, sometimes it’s a risk because they could not work or worst messy up the structure of the website.

It is therefore useful to be able to create a copy of our site on which to work separately, where we can install, create, test and then decide if the new version satisfies us and we want to bring it online.

And it is precisely for this reason that the Staging function is amazing.

With this tool you can create a copy of your website where you can work in a separate environment, make all the necessary changes and decide whether to put the new version online replacing the previous one.

The old version, however, will not be canceled.

A backup copy will be made if in the future you will change your mind.
So, you can come back to the old version anytime you like.

Having and using this feature will provide to you the guarantee that your users will always see the best version of your website, even if you a working on a separate version at the same time the are using the main version of it!

The Best Customer Care You Can Find + Tutorials

Best Customer Support SiteGround - Linkinet
Best Customer Support SiteGround – Linkinet

offers an entire section dedicated to tutorials that will guide you learn basic and advanced knowledge, in order to set up, manage and make the most of all aspects of this hosting to set your website in a most efficient way possible.

They definitely have one of the best customer care in the world.

If you’ve had anything to do with SiteGround’s customer care in the past, you understand what I’m talking about!
Whenever we had a problem, that our site didn’t load as it should have, that I had to install something, the assistance was there.

They have always responded with courtesy and patience to all our questions and to all our requests.

And not after days from my request, but after seconds.

Through chat or by phone, in a few moments, they connect with you and try to solve your problem.

If the solution is more complicated than expected, the assistance opens a ticket where response times are really a few minutes.

While with other service providers you have to wait for days, which is crazy!

So if you want to always have the feeling of having a super friendly and helpful team that works 24/7 with you, ready to solve any kind of problem-related to your hosting, with SiteGround you will not have equal in terms of customer support.

SiteGround Cost (Best rapport quality-price!)

Currently, SiteGround has 3 plans:

  • Startup: £2.95/mo.
  • GrowBig: £4.95/mo.
  • GoGeek: £8.95/mo.

    Hosting Plans SiteGround - Linkinet
    Hosting Plans SiteGround – Linkinet

SiteGround Plans

The difference between the plans, in addition to the price, which is very reasonable in itself, obviously lies in the functions offered.

In principle, with the Startup plan, you can manage only one website and you have about 10 GB of space available.

It is the ideal plan if you have just started your project and your monthly visits do not exceed 10,000 per month.

As your blog or website grows, it’s time to move on to the GrowBig plan, where you can manage more websites and have a space of 20 GB available.

SiteGround recommends it if the monthly visits are not more than 25,000, obviously calculated on the total of the hosted websites.

Finally the GoGeek plan, the most powerful one.

It offers all the basic functions of the Startup plan and the premium functions provided by the GrowBig plan to which it adds the advanced functions, such as priority assistance and greater server power.

With GoGeek you can host numerous websites, you have 30 GB of available space and it is ideal if your website receives around 100,000 visits a month.

All plans include a 30-day trial period during which you can decide if SiteGround is really the hosting for you.

If after trying it you realize that it is not what you were looking for, you can get a 100% refund. Finally, an important clarification.

Once you have decided on your plan, this is not forever: you can upgrade or downgrade the plan at any time, based on your needs.

And this is also another benefit for SiteGround compared to many other hosting companies.

How to get SiteGround

Although Siteground is a very simple service to buy and configure, here I want to give you some tips to do it better, especially if you are a beginner or struggling with your first online project.

Follow these step by step guide:

  1. Visit this page (by clicking here you will also get their best offer) to compare all the individual functions of each plan and choose the one that best fits your project, then clicks on “GET PLAN” on the plan you choose.
  2. Register a new domain choosing the name and extension or choose “I already have a domain” to transfer an existing domain to SiteGround.
  3. If the domain is available, on the next page you can review your order and enter your payment details.
  4. If everything is ok, click on PAY NOW.


Congratulations! Your new domain is now online.

We hope and believe that your project will be a success!

If you need any help, contact us or leave us a comment below and a member of our Team will answer you as soon as possible.

Also in case you need help to install WordPress, contact the SiteGround support. They will do it for you in a few minutes!

I hope that this article was helpful.

Keep following us to constantly receive useful resources to grow your business!

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