NETFLIX: The Perfect Home Page + How To Build A Powerful Landing Page

Sometimes you just have to learn from the best!

This is the new NETFLIX Home Page:

NETFLIX - The Perfect Home Page - Linkinet
NETFLIX – The Perfect Home Page – Linkinet

I can’t even imagine how many AB tests have such a page.

I think he has pretty much everything.

Brand: anyone who knows Netflix, doesn’t need some kind of Social Proof.

The Landing perfectly respects all the concepts and colors of the Brand in an exceptional way.

Unique Selling Proposition: simply perfect, concise and direct: “All Netflix. Free for 30 days”

Guarantee: with the clearly visible progress bar it is all very clear. Many times one of the obstacles (frictions) for the user before enrollment is the possibility to cancel without any problem at any time.

And maybe even forget to cancel.

Many services give this guarantee on their landing, but most of the time it is written in small, or it is located in a not very visible part of the page.

With this progress bar, it is very clear that 3 days before the cancellation you will receive a reminder email.

Personally we’ll will take much inspiration from the latter!

Dynamic Dates: the dates of the progress bar and in the text above the button with the CTA (Call To Action) are DYNAMIC.

They change every day.

In this way, the user always has the feeling that the page is talking to him at this particular time!

All this is immediately present when the user is visiting the page.

The FAQ and other information: continuing on the page, there is all the information you need for those who do not yet know how 100% Netflix works or who may need more information before continuing. Finally, there are the FAQs to answer all the questions that are asked most often.

Quick Tips For Creating A Landing Page

The AB Tests are always fundamental to understand and increase the Conversion Rate of one’s own Landing Page.

In any case, there are elements that should never be missing from a Landing Page to perform properly:

Unique Selling Proposition: this is the first thing users see, it must be a clear and direct Headline that explains everything (benefits, service, etc.) in a nutshell.

Hero Shot: A Video, an image, something visual that introduces and explains everything perfectly. If Netflix doesn’t have it it’s because it can afford it.

Benefits: we are not selling a product or service, we are selling the benefits that the latter can give to those who buy it. Let’s talk about Solutions to Problems, technical features comes later if needed.

Social Proof: Reviews, Testimonials that approve the product/service.

Authority: Elements on the page (Awards, Recognitions, etc.) that demonstrate your authority in your market. The feeling of those who visit the page must be “Wow these are strong and reliable, they know what they say and know what they do, I trust what they say”

No outgoing links: even if there are partners or logos etc, it is always better not to put any link that allows the user to leave the page, always remember our goal: the user must continue through our CTA.

CTA: a single clear and direct Call To Action.

Finally, we remember the Above The Fold.

That’s the visible part of the page to the user without scrolling the page.

In this section, there must be everything, including a clear Call To Action, the rest of the page serves to deepen the product/service.

It goes without saying that it must be optimized perfectly and above all for mobile!

If you need more information on How To Create a Powerful Landing Page, give us a shout, we are always here ready to help you grow your business!

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