About Us

The first thing you need to know about Linkinet Team is that we hate 9 to 5 and we don’t have offices.

We based in London but we work from everywhere.

We love traveling the world and our collaborators work from every part of the world.

75% of our customers never saw one of us, live.
And we have a great, honest and transparent relationship with all of them.

You could be finding yourself speaking about your project with us while we are in London, Maldives, Caribbean, Bali, Italy or in any different part of the world.

Anyhow, it not makes any difference.
We deliver amazing results because remote working makes us faster and more efficient than an agency with offices.
We work with positive energy and we don’t know what “office’s stress” means!

We only know the meaning of
We Build Custom Strategies to Grow your Business and Get Your Desired Results

That’s the part of our job that we love most.

Traveling, discovering new things, improving our knowledge and skills, stay in touch with the team and achieve the best results for our customers.

We have efficient and very precise procedures that you will love.

We are using tools that allow us to set the work in a really efficient way.

We are all linked to our Linkinet Network, where you will also be part of it.

In that way, we can work and get in touch with you from everywhere and keep you updated regarding the progress and results of your projects. You’ll be amazed by this.

Remember, our main priority is achieving your desired results.

As I said we hate 9 to 5 because if we need to achieve the goals we work until we achieve that results.


Meet the team that will take care of you and your business

Damy Mocellin

CEO, FOUNDER & Growth Hacker

Giulia Rossetti

Co-Founder, Director

Sabrina D'Amone


Thomas Wedge Cuneo


Luigi Virginio


Tommaso Lunardi


Tomas Bortoli


Michael Cantacessi


Manfred Bortoli

Video Maker
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Two Different Journeys

Starting a New Business

Discover how we can define a full strategy that can help your business grow by getting it its first customers, sales, and profits

Improving My Business

Discover how we can analyze all the metrics, KPI’s and business’ goals to define a full long-term strategy that will improve your results, sales and profits