60+ Organic Leads Every Month, Fusion GT is the 1° World’s Nano Plasma Specialist

“We need a solution that will allow us to get as much more leads possible and segment them in the correct way, at the moment our website doesn’t allow us to store them and we lose the 95% of our potential traffic

This what the CEO of Fusion GT asked us to help with.

How we did approach the Project

At the moment they had just a standard website with no automation.

And yes they were losing all their potential customers.

We know that nowadays, we have only 3 seconds to catch the attention of the user that is coming to our website for the first time.

In 3 seconds he needs to understand, who we are, what we do, and if we are the right people to resolve the problem that he has.

All these info must be visible on the “above the fold section”, which is the main part of the website’s home page that is visible without scrolling.

Above the fold content - Fusion GT - Linkinet
Above the fold content – Fusion GT – Linkinet

Above the fold content – Fusion GT – Linkinet

Tools that we used to realize the Project

The most important thing into a project is the Marketing Strategy.

And that’s the fundamental part of the Linkinet Growing Method, but of course, tools are essential to realizing a project.

These are the tools we used for Fusion GT:

Identifying the Target

We identified all the kind of users of Fusion GT.

As soon as we discovered all of them, we started to build the website, structuring in such a way as to obtain as many contacts as possible.

The customer journey of Fusion GT is very long because they sell machines, up to £50k.

They are high-tickets products.

It means that we need to keep nurturing the user by giving him valuable information until he’s ready to buy. In this specific case, it can be months.

Each project to work well must have some fundamental marketing psychology elements on it:

Reciprocity: the entire website, funnels, and Blog of Fusion GT is built to provide value to his audience, constantly.

Social Proof: the partners, the numbers, and the press of Fusion GT are the perfect example. Trustable sources that prove the impact of the company in the market, so people can trust them.

Authority: Tiziana Giovanelli (the CEO) is an authority in the aesthetic market with the plasma. On top of that all the Press that talks about Fusion GT, proof its entire know-how.

Scarcity: by limiting the number of people that can join the free workshop, we’re adding value into it. It’s how we can make it more exclusive. You always need to make your business exclusive somehow!

Implementation Phase

We created 5 different Landing Pages, one for each Machine where the user can start his journey (Have extra information, Join the Free Workshop, or Request a Free Demo).

These are the 3 CTAs (Call To Action) for each machine where we request the email address and where all the funnels start.

Active Campaign is the tool that we use (and that we suggest you use) for email marketing.

All the automation and funnels of Fusion GT are made with this one.

Here you can see a preview of the software.

It’s so powerful.

Automation Active Campaign Fusion GT - Linkinet
Automation Active Campaign Fusion GT – Linkinet

With Zapier we were able to connect all the automation of different software and let them work together.

The Final Results

In terms of traffic, Fusion GT always had a good amount of good traffic due to the really good work of relationship of the CEO through social media and blog posts into other websites of the same market in target with the machines.

The difference now is that they can manage the requests and achieve all the potential contacts and reach of them anytime they want. All of them are correctly segment in different lists and automation in base on their actions.

We also did an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) job. By structuring the website into an SEO perspective, the traffic has increased even more.

SEO - Fusion GT - Linkinet
SEO – Fusion GT – Linkinet

Now we can say that due to all this work, Fusion GT gets an average of 60+ organic leads every month with an 11.38% conversion rate.

Leads - Fusion GT - Linkinet
Leads – Fusion GT – Linkinet

Now it’s just time to keep scaling and increase the results.

There are always new Case Studies coming from Linkinet, in the while you can see Our Testimonials page or discover more Case Studies.

Whatever you are launching a New Business or looking for Improving Your Business, you can discover and select your Journey: “Starting a New Business” or “Improving My Business“.

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