+30% Income, +£35k in just 2 weeks with a Free Consultation + Free Audit for this E-commerce

This is how we helped a potential customer to increased the results of their E-commerce in just 2 weeks with a Free Audit + Consultation.

Every Digital Marketing Agency has is own process to build a strong relationship with their customers. We have our one and it works damn well!

Before to start a collaboration we always check if the collaboration can work.

After that, the first step of the Linkinet Growing Method is offering a Free Consultation + Free Audit of the business to see where is the parts that require to works on to improve the results of it.

In this case, the Free Audit was regarding the process to optimize the entire e-commerce, especially the conversion rate of it.

The First Analysis

We did a deep analysis of the most important KPIs of their Google Analytics, checked the funnel steps, the design and UX, and the strategy behind it.

Many people think that increase traffic is important, but in reality, increasing the conversions rate is way more important.

The traffic wasn’t a problem.

The offline brand its very powerful because has been open for over 40 years, that’s a family business.

Many people know about the brand and have a strong relationship and trust in it already.

In fact, organic traffic is stable at 20k visitors is per month.

They have never run Ads from when they opened the online store.

The problems that we identified were the structure of the e-commerce, the interface was too much complicated for the user to navigate it.

The home page wasn’t communicating the values of the brand at all.

It’s very important to transmit and show to the user all your values and trust as soon as they land on your website.

You can do this with a really good Value Proposition that explains in a few words why you are the best choice for them and also with a well-done introduction video with the right touchpoints.

Another problem was the product page, very little information about the products on it and not user friendly structure.

The biggest Problem

By checking Google Analytics, we realize the biggest problem was the checkout process. So many drops off during the checkout steps.

We always recommend to reduces the steps of the checkout process.
Maximum 2 steps are more than enough.

And to reduce all the frictions that could stop the user to go ahead.

Also, you always have to minimize the header and footer of it, the user needs to have as little distraction as possibile.

Remember, the buyer intent on this page is very high, our goal is that they finalize their purchase as soon as possible. We need to make their life easier, not harder!

A good practice during the process is also to requests them as first field the email address and only after names, address ecc. By doing this, in case they will leave the page you will already capture their email address, so you can follow up them by email with an automated cart recovery sequence.

So, we suggested and show them how to implement a completely new kind of checkout process.

Easier and much faster, only two simple steps.
A much better and user-friendly checkout with header and footer minimized.

Also with reviews and trust with warranties for the customer.

We always need to make feel the user into a safe environment where he can pay and finalizes his purchases in the safest and faster way possible.

The platform of the E-Commerce is WordPress + WooCommerce.
To optimize your checkout process you can use a plug-in called CartFlow, which is the same plugin we used for this. (There is also a free version of it that you can try)

The Final Results

Just with this simple integration, we helped them to increase their income of +30%, with an extra +£35k sales in just 2 weeks increasing also the conversion rate of it.

This is just the beginning, by fixing the other things they will be able to increase this result much and much more.

This was just an Audit + Free Consultation from us which is part of our Method.

We didn’t start to work together yet, but as soon we will collaborate together, we are sure that the results we’ll be able to achieve together will be very high, especially because there are so many other things that we can improve on it!

Next possible Steps to Improve the Results

The next steps and possible improvements now are:

  • Improve the structure of it and the performances of the website
  • Running A/B test of all the steps and specific pages
  • Starting to run the Ads with Facebook and Google, especially the DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) and the Retargeting
  • Testing up-sells and cross-sells during the checkout to increase the margins and the AOV average order value
  • Testing the chat support during the checkout phase
  • Testing new email sequences to increase the LTV lifetime value

Remember we don’t work for you, but we work together with you to achieve the best results possible for your business!

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