150+ Members, X2 Profits: the first CrossFit Box in the Center of Milan had to Move to a Bigger Place

We have been following this partner since its opening.

Initially a small location in the center of Milan.

How do you fill a local activity with new members?

An in-depth analysis and a well-defined marketing strategy are the elements we need.

What we have done?

✅ Analysis of the target and competitors

✅ Built the Marketing Strategy

✅ Built the website (the previous one)

✅ Built the Funnel

✅ Managed the Ads

✅ Provided the Editorial Plan

Milan is a city of over 1 million inhabitants.

Since the business is located in a central area, we have identified our target in the inhabitants of the area (with a radius of 1.5km initially) and workers from the surroundings.

We analyzed and defined all the pain points and habits, the angles for Ads and identified our buyer personas, or rather the identikit of our ideal customers.

The Strategy and the Funnel

Locally, creating complex strategies can only move away potential customers.

We have therefore simplified the strategy as much as possible: Facebook and Instagram were our choosen traffic sources.

We built an ad hoc website following precise rules and marketing strategies.

We also created a dedicated page where our users could book their free trial.

Always remember that your website must be functional, that is, it must be used to bring you customers, it must not only be beautiful to look at.

There are very precise logics and strategies to follow to convert visitors into potential customers and then into customers.

Tracking to monitor ROI (Return on investment)

Thanks to online marketing, it is possible to track every single movement to optimize the budget invested.

We can know exactly what the economic return on investment is.

We then installed tools to monitor all this data: the codes for tracking Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and a video monitoring tool to see user sessions on the website and we set all the parameters.

In this way we were able to know exactly which Ads were bringing the most subscribers with.

Knowing the data of your business is the only real way to be able to optimize the results.

The power of Facebook and Instagram Ads

The Ads structure has been divided into two parts.

A part of the advertisements for brand awareness, that is, aimed at raising awareness of the business and the opportunities of it.

And the other part for retargeting, a powerful marketing tool that allows us to customize advertisements based on the actions that the user has made on the website.

In practice, with the retargeting we bring the user who had not yet registered for the free trial to see other advertisements aimed at bringing him back to the website and then finally book the free trial.

The first results

It was a boom!

In the first 2 and a half months we had already managed to get over 90 members to register.

To understand, the maximum capacity of this place was around 120 members!

Continuing in the following months, we reached the goal of 120 registered members.

The transfer to a larger location

To scaling further there was only one thing that could be done, which was to find a larger space.

After a year and a half, the time for the owners to recover all the investment on the project, it was time for the big step.

They found a structure exactly 30 meters from the one that was there before.

The transfer took a few months.

But it was worth it.

New structure, more capacious and better in all aspetcs within walking distance from the previous one.

Our new challenge, that is to bring more new members!

The new marketing campaign

We started from what we had already created. We have defined a new strategy for the grand opening. From ours, thanks to the work done previously we already had several things: we knew perfectly the target needs, our personalized audiences on Facebook of people similar to our target were ready, we already knew the winning ads and our business manager was loaded with data. We have rebuilt the website from scratch to make it even more professional and effective by adding the necessary elements. We were ready to start again.

The new results: 160+ Subscribers

We reactivated the new Ads and started again.

Within a year, we reached over 160 members (maximum capacity).

After having also increased the prices compared to the previous location, thanks also to the increase in subscribers, the profits have doubled.

Now our role is to maintain these numbers by always bringing new people to try CrossFit by booking free trials.

The new projects

Thanks to these results, the owners are now looking for another space to open a second CrossFit box while also maintaining this space.

It will be a center that will aim at a higher spending target people.

Although the covid period has slowed down this new project, it is still in process.

Honestly? We can’t wait to bring our support to this too!


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