120+ Members with only £850 in Facebook Ads for this CrossFit’s Box in Italy near Turin

Let’s start from the beginning.

In March 2018 he was about to open a new CrossFit Box in a town of 23,599 people.

We were the chosen ones to reach the goals and bring the first new members.

First of all, we have dedicated our team to create and choosing the best strategy to achieve the desired results and target goals.

This entire strategy requested: Website Design & Development, Social Media, Paid Ads, Email Marketing (Mailchimp first, then Active Campaign), Funnels, Chatbots (ManyChat), Content Creation.

Il Covo CrossFit Ivrea Funnel Strategy- Linkinet
Il Covo CrossFit Ivrea Funnel Strategy- Linkinet

What steps have we done?

  • We have created the Website
  • Managed the Marketing Strategy
  • Created the necessary Funnels
  • Managed the Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Managed all the Social Platform Profiles

What were the first results?

Results with an initial cost of £450 for Ads.
Between the 1st and the 4th month, we recorded an average of 85 subscribers.
(the annual cost for a member is £1.000, we make an average of £700 with half-yearly and monthly)
Without making too many calculations, the ROI (Return of Investment) was very positive, the “customer” or better the Partner (as we call our customers) very happy!
Remember, we don’t work for you, but WITH YOU, always.

All beautiful and amazing, but then what happened?

Let’s make a time jump in September 2018: we find a new agreement to bring new members to the box.

The new goal: to bring as many people as possible to try CrossFit for free with a Free Trial. 

Perfect! We are really excited and started working on it.

What we did this time?

We set everything and we started to: 
  • Optimize the Landing Page for registration to the Free Lesson
  • Created the Content (Posts and Videos)
  • Managed the Ads
  • Retargeting Ads (we target the same Audience 12 times)
What results have we had?
Over than £200 spent 
People subscribed to the Free Lesson: 9 
People converted into Members: 3 Only
Yes, still good ROI, but only 3 members!
Being a small town, we realized we had saturated the audience very quickly.

How did we fix it?

Deciding to change the Angles completely.
The Targets are now people who go to the Gym but don’t know what CrossFit is.
Let’s start again.

How did we come up with this time?

Following a precise pattern, we have:
  • Re-created the entire Content (Posts and Videos)
  • Launched a promotion directly to the place with Gamification for current subscribers (an internal challenge to bring more members)
  • Managed the Ads
  • Retargeting Ads

The budget was £200 in total, just by changing the angle we got 32 New Members, reaching today a total of over 120+!

This obviously thanks also to word of mouth which has always been the most powerful marketing tool.

What are the new goals for this 2019/20?

UPDATE 2019: We set up a new strategy that allow us to subscribe 30 extra members. Now they are more than 150+!

They are very interesting, but one, in particular, stimulates us a lot: the launch of the new Facebook Community of the CrossFit box, to be extended throughout Italy.

UPDATE 2020Towards the end of October, we began to take advantage of all the custom audiences we have built over time.

In doing so, we managed to bring over 80+ Free Trials between August and September. Considering 85% of these free trials then turn into members, the partner (customer) is super satisfied, and that can only make us proud of it!

It will be very interesting, there will soon be new updates!

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